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Hebei Veyong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, next to the Capital Beijing, which is a large domestic veterinary drug enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of veterinary APIs, preparations, premixed feeds and feed additives.  Veyong follows the development strategy of "Integration of API & preparations", takes "Maintain animal health and improve quality of life" as the mission, and strives to become the most valuable veterinary drug brand.

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With two production bases: Shijiazhuang and Ordos, and 7 API production lines, 12 preparation production lines including powder, pulvis, premix, bolus, injections, pesticides and disinfectants, ects, and 2 sanitary disinfectant production lines for liquids and powders. Veyong is awarded as High-Tech Enterprise, Top 10 Veterinary APIs Enterprise.

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Veyong adheres to the strategic positioning of "High-quality animal health service provider", relying on five major technical support systems: national postdoctoral workstation owned by the group, Nanjing GLP laboratory, National Technical Center for Chemical Synthesis in Shijiazhuang, Provincial Technical Center for Veterinary Drugs in Shijiazhuang and Autonomous Region R&D Center in Ordos. Taking the advantages of talents and assets, Veyong has established cooperation relationships with more than 20 well-known experts from domestic scientific research institutes and prepared for the establishment of technical service platforms.

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 Adhering to the development path of "combining independent R&D, cooperative development and technology introduction" continuously develop new products and upgrade old products to provide customers with more efficient medication experiences.and the successive launch of national new veterinary drugs will provide the source power for continuous enhancement of product structure improvement, iterative upgrading and quality assurance.