Enterprise Certificate

Enterprise Certificate

Veyong adheres to the brand strategy of "consolidate the leadership position of anthelmintic products, and achieve leading brands of products for intestine and respiratory tract". The leading product, Ivermectin, has passed the US FDA certification, EU COS certification and participated in the development of EU standards, taking about 60% of the global market share. The national Class II new veterinary drug, Eprinomectin, takes about 80% of the whole market share.

  • OHSA18001:2017


  • ISO14001:2015


  • ISO9001:2015


  •  GMP


  • CEP


Tiamulin fumarate meets the USP standard. Relying on the API products and technical advantages, five preparation products have been created. The leading brands of deworming - Weiyuan Jinyiwei; the leading brand of plant essential oil and the preferred products of antibiotics prohibition - ALLIKE; the top brand products for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract diseases and ileitis - Miao Li Su; the national Class II new veterinary drug - Ai Pu Li; and the brand of demildew and detoxification products- Jie San Du. Under the implementation of the policy of antibiotics limit and prohibition and the continuous influence of Africa swine fever,Veyong provides an overall solution for family farms and group customers.