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There will be bright and great future with Veyong!

Hebei Veyong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a large domestic veterinary drug enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of veterinary APIs, preparations, premixed feeds and feed additives, awarded as High-Tech Enterprise, Top 10 Veterinary APIs Enterprise. Veyong follows the development strategy of "Integration of API & preparations", takes "Maintain animal health and improve quality of life" as the mission, and strives to become the most valuable veterinary drug brand.

Two Production Bases

Shijiazhuang and Ordos

13 API Production Lines

Including Ivermectin, Eprinomectin, Tiamulin Fumarate, Oxytetracycline hydrochloride ects

11 Preparation Production Lines

Including injection, oral solution, powder, premix, bolus, pesticides and disinfectant, ects

2 sanitary disinfectant production lines

2 sanitary disinfectant production lines for liquids and powders.


Strategy and Development

Veyong adheres to the strategic positioning of "High-quality animal health service provider", relying on five major technical support systems: national postdoctoral workstation owned by the group, Nanjing GLP laboratory, National Technical Center for Chemical Synthesis in Shijiazhuang, Provincial Technical Center for Veterinary Drugs in Shijiazhuang and Autonomous Region R&D Center in Ordos. Taking the advantages of talents and assets, Veyong has established cooperation relationships with more than 20 well-known experts from domestic scientific research institutes and prepared for the establishment of technical service platforms. Adhering to the development path of "combining independent R&D, cooperative development and technology introduction" continuously develop new products and upgrade old products to provide customers with more efficient medication experiences.and the successive launch of national new veterinary drugs will provide the source power for continuous enhancement of product structure improvement, iterative upgrading and quality assurance.

Our Advantages

cerVeyong adheres to the brand strategy of "consolidate the leadership position of anthelmintic products, and achieve leading brands of products for intestine and respiratory tract". The leading product, Ivermectin, has passed the US FDA certification, EU COS certification and participated in the development of EU standards, taking about 60% of the global market share. The national Class II new veterinary drug, Eprinomectin, takes about 80% of the whole market share. And Tiamulin fumarate meets the USP standard. Relying on the API products and technical advantages, five preparation products have been created. The leading brands of deworming - Weiyuan Jinyiwei; the leading brand of plant essential oil and the preferred products of antibiotics prohibition - ALLIKE; the top brand products for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract diseases and ileitis - Miao Li Su; the national Class II new veterinary drug - Ai Pu Li; and the brand of demildew and detoxification products- Jie San Du. Under the implementation of the policy of antibiotics limit and prohibition and the continuous influence of Africa swine fever,Veyong provides an overall solution for family farms and group customers.

Our Markets

Veyong adheres to the "Market-Oriented and Customer-Centered" business concept, sets up sales channels covering end users and technical team with rich experience of diagnosis and treatment, maintains long-term cooperation relationships with large domestic breeding groups, enterprises with integrated industrial chain and many internationally renowned animal health enterprises, with products sold to more than 60 countries and regions. Innovate the marketing mode, to continuously provide more complete products and services for partners in terms of product , comprehensively move towards digitized, intelligentized and platform-based enterprises, and promote the integrated development of the industry.


Veyong attaches great importance to the management of safety and environmental protection, insists to the bottom-line thinking of "safety is red line, environmental protection is premise, compliance is guarantee", and continuously promotes the construction of safety and environmental protection management system, stablishes a whole-process prevention mechanism based on risks, increases the investment on safety and environmental protection, and ensures the stable operation and long-term development of the Company.

Following the market concept of "leading the future, value-added services and win-win cooperation", the development strategic plan for building a resource platform is being presented.

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